Fruit puree

Types of fruit puree

Puree is a peeled and pitted fruit that is completely crushed and mixed. In the production of purees, fruits with more flesh than juice are used. Ramis Trading Company produces all kinds of fruits purees with the best and most advanced machines of the company and packages them with advanced machines. Ramis products are produced in accordance with international standards and tested in the company’s advanced laboratories to ensure the quality of our products.

Types of purees produced by Ramis Trading Company

• Golden peach

Types of packaging and storage conditions

• Open top metal barrel with aseptic bag weighing 230 to 270 kg
• Stored at -18 degrees
• Storage duration in a closed container is 3 years.
• Transported by cold storage machinery

Kiwi puree

Kiwi Toschi puree brings a taste full of twist and mild sweetness with a soft and creamy mantle for all your drinks, especially drinks. Kiwi fruit, originally from China, is widely grown in New Zealand. Its light green mantle is very soft and almost like cream, and its taste is fresh, sweet but somewhat sour.