Fruit concentrates

Apple Concentrate

Crispy and delicious apple fruit is very important for people because of its antioxidants and phytonutrients. Apples contain edible fiber, vitamin C, beta carotene, B vitamins and vitamin B6. Apple concentrate is a widely used material in the food industry with a neutral color and taste. It can be used as a sweetener or fortifying features of other fruits in candy, fresh frozen products, fruit snacks, jams, marmalades, sauces and beverages.

Orange concentrate

Orange concentrate produced by Ramis Trading Company is a thick orange-yellow liquid used in the food product, giving aroma, taste and color of ripe orange to the food. This type of orange concentrate is stored in a metal barrel with non-aseptic packaging as a freezer in the refrigerator. To produce orange concentrate, a certain amount of water in the orange juice is removed during the process of producing the orange concentrate, and as a result, the orange concentrate is less than the juice in volume. This product is produced based on international standards with a very high quality.

Cherry concentrate

Cherries are rich in natural antioxidants. The anthocyanin in cherries protects the body against stress and damage, removes free radicals, protects blood vessels and brain cells from stress, and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and diseases related to dementia.

Pomegranate concentrate

Pomegranates are full of nutrients needed for good health. Different antioxidants in them protect the heart and prevent cancer. Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which can help delay the signs of aging. These antioxidants fight skin inflammation and treat acne and dark spots.

Red and white grape concentrate

Excellent natural color and sweet taste of Ramis red and white grape is widely used in food products. Red grape concentrate allows you to label your product without adding color. Red grape concentrate is produced by filtering and concentrating sweet ripe red grapes and is very stable in terms of color, aroma and flavor.

Ordinary peach and saffron concentrate

Peach is an extremely useful fruit for the health and beauty of the skin. The intestines and gastrointestinal tract are also cleansed by consuming peaches. Peaches contain antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid, which are concentrated in the skin and flesh with anti-cancer properties. It is also a good source of vitamin A, which prevents lung and oral cancers.

Date Concentrate

Dates contain about 20 calories, 2.8 mg of calcium and 5 g of carbohydrates. This product is a good source of antioxidants, the most important of which is tannins. Tannins prevent cell damage and inflammation. Dates are a rich source of copper, magnesium, selenium and manganese.
All of these are essential for maintaining healthy bones and preventing diseases related to osteoporosis. Dates are also rich in vitamin K, a blood clot that helps fuel your body.